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This place is sick.

[ private to miranda ]:

I'll be .. needing my pants back.
This place is fucking sick. Who the hell is responsible for all of this? I'll cut you open.

[ OoC: whether or not kanda has been changed is a SEKKRIT. he won't give you an answer either way, and for all intents and purposes, he still looks, acts, and sounds the same. ]
... That sword, it was ..


I knew it. I knew its weight, it felt so familiar in my hands, it --

.. what the hell is this place? I don't recall ever going to a school like this one. I don't recall ever going to a school at all. I'm sick of this fucking place and its fucking mindgames. My head hurts.
This is ridiculous. I hate this place already. Why the hell am I here?

.... really, why am I here..?

I don't want to sit through these stupid classes and listen to these idiots talk all day. It gets old fast. At least I've got my own room and my own things. Somewhat. I feel like ..