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eight_flowers's Journal

Kanda Yuu
6 June
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Kanda Yuu

Series: D. Gray-Man
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blueblack
Hair Color: Blueblack
Species: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134 lbs.
Sexuality: Vague.
Abilities: self-healing, sword-handling, kendo
Likes: soba, tempura, soap, fighting, the Black Order, meditation, peace and quiet
Dislikes: you, noise, talkative people, sweet things, obnoxious people, rabbits, puppies, being social, almost everything.

Appearance: Kanda is long and sleek; 5'9" tall, and 134 pounds. He is long-limbed and strong despite his lithe body, slim but well-toned. His skin is fair, his facial features young, boyish, and "pretty", although this prettiness is often soured by a scowl. He is of Japanese descent, and his eyes are almond shaped and intense, dark-rimmed and sharp, dark blueblack. His hair is also blueblack, and he wears it long, pulled into a high ponytail tied with a white ribbon, with blunt-cut bangs cut to just above his eyes, and long tails of hair before his ears.

Also, he has a black tattoo/seal on his upper-left chest. It appears to be a sort of Hindu seal, surrounded by a corona that spiders out to his left, against his chest and climbing over his shoulder. The corona encircles the seal almost completely, but now quite -- there's a gap about an inch or two wide between its edges.

Personality: Kanda is a rude, scathing, abrasive youth. He is serious and stoic to a fault, easily aggravated, and impatient with those who annoy him ( generally everyone ). There are those he can seem to more easily tolerate ( quiet people, girls, etc. ), and he -- usually -- respects his superiors, although he is difficult to deal with. He comes alive in the heat of battle, to an almost sadistic degree; he loves to fight, and can't bring himself to back down from a challenge. And yet despite his thorny exterior, he cares for his comrades, although he is loathe to admit it -- and he has saved them from danger and death several times. He's cold, angry, caustic, uncooperative, intolerant, and generally a difficult person to deal with.

Abilities:Kanda is an expert swordsman by trade; he is quick and deadly. Although his tool of the trade is "Mugen", a specially activated katana, he is able to work with almost any sword, however ordinary. As an exorcist, his primary weapon, Mugen, contained a special substance called "innocence", which activates in his weapons and provides him with special powers and moves. He can create illusions, and summon creatures to help him fight. In this roleplay, Kanda does not have Mugen with him at this point, and therefore has no "innocence" to activate and use. However, he is still be quite adept with any type of long sword.

Also, Kanda has mysterious superhuman healing abilities -- abilities that seem to be connected to the tattoo on his chest. He can take blows that would kill any normal human or exorcist, and heal from terrible wounds in a matter of days. However, with each consecutive blow he takes, the corona around his tattoo closes further -- it is theorized that when the circle closes completely around the seal, he will die.

Weaknesses: Kanda's main weakness is his attitude. He is uncooperative and brash, often leaping into battle without thinking, allowing himself to sustain heavy damage without a care. He is tough and disciplined, and seems to have a very high pain tolerance, and so he generally doesn't think twice before barreling into potentially dangerous situations. He leaps before he looks, both physically and emotionally, often doing and saying things he will later silently regret.

History: Kanda was an exorcist for the Black Order, an organization loosely based in England, in the late 19th Century. The Order was created to combat someone known as the "Millennium Earl" and his army of body-snatching "akuma" ( demons ). The Earl seeks to destroy all human life by creating akuma, monsters created from artificial bodies and dead souls. He also has a small band of superhumans called "The Clan of Noah". A material called "innocence" is the only substance able to destroy akuma -- this substance is forged into various weapons, which can only be used by exorcists. Each exorcist is compatible with only one innocence. Kanda fights with his sword, Mugen, forged from an innocence that he was compatible with. Mugen can be activated only by Kanda himself, as all innocence can be activated only by its owner or user.

His past is something that Kanda keeps very secret, and as such, very little of it has been revealed. It is known that he has been with the Order since he was a small child, raised within its ranks, taught beneath one of its generals, Froi Tiedoll, a peaceful, happy-go-lucky artist. Even as a child, Kanda was difficult, stubborn and aloof, and even Tiedoll's gentle and friendly nature could do little to dislodge these characteristics from the boy's personality, but the general taught him much, and Kanda grew close to him ( whether or not this is something that he would actually be comfortable admitting ). Beside him, two other young exorcists-to-be were trained: Daisya Barry and Noise Marie. Daisya, like Tiedoll, was friendly and outgoing, a charismatic prankster -- Noise was the eldest of the three, a large, gentle, quiet person. They were more-or-less raised together, and Kanda viewed the both of them as brothers, or something very close.

At what age he became a fully fledged exorcist is unknown, but it is likely that he was a young teen, considering the fact that he was already a seasoned exorcist when the series began. Kanda was prideful in his work; on his missions, he was professional and quick, hardly taking a moment to rest, always on the job. He got his work done quickly and efficiently, even if it meant taking matters into his own hands, or leaving a teammate behind in the process. Most of the missions he took on involved investigation or extermination -- locating new innocence and following rumors to recover it, or saving townspeople from invading, lingering akuma ( the demons always chasing the innocence ). Often he was paired with one or two other exorcists while traveling on missions, but he preferred to take them alone, because Kanda did not work as well in a team setting. Mostly, he had his own views and theories about how to go about his missions, and did not like input from others.

As the years passed, Kanda remained with the order late into his teens -- how loyal he was to the organization was something of a mystery. He never gives his view on the morality of their station or purpose, but he had no home to go back to, and the Order was his ragtag family, people he could never abandon, regardless of his harsh talk.

Time went on, innocence was recovered, new exorcists recruited and trained, and the akuma, ruled by the Millennium Earl, grew stronger and more powerful with each day. Soon enough, the Clan of Noah ( extremely powerful humanoid loyals to the earl ) revealed themselves, joining the fray with the akuma as their servants. The Noahs were exceedingly strong, much moreso than the the akuma, and they wiped out many exorcists with ease -- including Daisya, whom Kanda had grown up with. He and Noise were unable to save their companion from the Noah Tyki, and together they solemnly said their goodbyes to their childhood friend.

The exorcists pressed on in their endeavor, forever tracking the Earl and the Noahs, exterminating akuma and collecting innocence, though their job grew harder with each passing day. They boarded the Noahs' "ark" ( headquarters ), and together defeated several Noahs and took command of the ark and all of its secrets, while the Earl and remaining Noahs escaped to their second, newer ark.

Safely back at their own headquarters the remaining exorcists rested and recuperated. Several of them ( Kanda included ) had destroyed their innocence during the siege of the ark, and had to wait patiently for their weapons to be repaired. While they waited and recovered, their headqwuarted was attacked several times -- by the Noah Lulubell, and later by a devastatingly powerful Level Four akuma. Kanda fought beside his compatriot, Lavi, but the two of them were nothing against the Level Four, and they were easily defeated and tossed aside.

With great difficulty, the beast was eventually destroyed, and the rebuilding began again.